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The preference of our customers confirms the absolute leadership of Calypso Charters & Tours in the Private Charters & Tours sector.

We offer the largest observation time on the island, a comfortable and quiet navigation, spacious rooms and male and female toilets. The wide space of our ship allows all passengers to have excellent places to observe and photograph.



In the Calypso we make a careful and slow approach to flocks seeking not to impact negatively in the activity and tranquillity of animals. From the spacious and comfortable decks of The Calypso, you can observe and photograph this unique spectacle of 200,000 sea lions in their natural habitat. In order to remain silent, without altering that magical moment of the trip, the crew informs passengers of the particular characteristics of the island and its wildlife without speakers.

Our comfortable cruise, shortens the time to 35' to the location and 35' back (Depending on sea conditions), allowing us to offer the longer time possible at the location (50' approx.).

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Let us set up private charter destinations, schedules and activities of your choice. An ideal place to bring the family on a trip that will be remembered by all as the best holiday program ever.

The Island Cruise offers an afternoon at an exclusive island Gorriti beach, bathing in the sea, sun and music with family or friends, with catering services available.

Our Sunset Cruise is a great way to experience the magic of a sunset aboard the Calypso. We invite with a glass of champagne to see the sunset while the city lights starts showing.

Both programs are great for anniversaries.

The Bay Cruise is a classic corporate program. We sail through the calm waters of the bay appreciating the wonderful view of Punta Del Este, with different choices of foods and drinks.

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We are based in the port of Punta del Este, Rambla and 21st Street, Port Sector "D" Esplanade.

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