Our Services

Our customer service hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 to 17:30 , and Monday from 10:00 to 14:00 from March 16 to December 15 , and daily from 9:30 to 14 : 00 and 18:00 to 21:00 from December 16 to March 15.

Due to holidays and weather conditions, variations may occur occasionally in our days and hours to the Public.

The cell 094 44 3600 is available to provide information about our schedules and services.


Our extensive experience in services tend to cruise passengers and vessels in general , assures timely and professional service at the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers and crew.

We have a passenger capacity of 110 pax , 11/12 knots cruising speed , excellent maneuverability and navigation equipment that allows us to operate even in zero visibility conditions .

Since 2003 , we serve the major cruise lines that arrive in the Bay of Punta del Este.

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Marine S.R.L. Background


Costa Cruceros a Royal Caribbean Cruise Line a CVC Cruceros a Ibero Cruises a Carnival Cruises a Sea Dream Cruises a Aida Cruises

  • Company history: Sence 1993
  • Calypso hisotry: PNN authorized since 2001 for 46 passengers.
  • Currently licensed for 110 passengers as Bay tender.
  • Authorized by DG River and Maritime Transport for rides in general since 2001, providing services and Tender from the 2003-2004 season

Scales and Passengers transported 

Season Number of scales Passengers transported
2012-2013 70 36.336
2011-2012 64 18.030
2010-2011 41 16.700
2009-2010 31 12000
2008-2009 41 16.400
2007-2008 25 10.000
2006-2007 20 8.000
2005-2006 10 4.000
2004-2005 5 2.000
2003-2004 5 2.000
Total 312 126.466

Approximately 126,466 passengers on 312 scales without any incidents


Capacity and technical specifications

  • Maximum Capacity in Bay navigation as Tender: 90 passengers + crew
  • 16 meters in length, 4.90 meters wide, 1.20 meters of draught
  • Main floor: 2 GM turbo diesel engines 435H / P each
  • Auxiliary Plant: Kohler 8 kw
  • Cruise speed 14 knodes
  • 1 meter freeboard
  • Defence System: Structural and inflatable gunwale Polyform heavy duty
  • Approved P.B.I.P code
  • Approved IGS code

Confort Conditions

  • Closed main room
  • Handicap access
  • 2 Full Toilettes, Full Bar
  • Entertaiment center with TV, Music, Video and DVD
  • Noise isolated machine room with firesuit membrane

Safety conditions and navigation equipment

  • Class AIS System
  • 16 miles Furuno Radar  
  • Furuno Gps 
  • Garmin Gps backup
  • PC with navigation Zone software
  • Epirb 406 hz
  • Ecosonda Furuno
  • 2 VHF
  • Helm angle meter
  • Deck lights for night operations
  • Five estancos compartments per hull
  • 12 bilge pumps(10 + 2 for emergencies)
  • Water alarms in all bilges
  • Smoke alarm in engine room
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system in engine room
  • 12 ABC type extinguishers
  • Emergency Stop key and fuel cuts  .
  • 95 adult lifejackets with strobe light and whistle
  • 15 life jackets for children with strobe light and whistle
  • Two lifebuoys , 2 boatswains with strobe light and whistle
  • P.A System (communication speakers)
  • 360 Bridge visibility
  • Emergency exit sign in two language


Our onboard bar has a wide variety of refreshing drinks , alcoholic , cocktails and espresso.


For safety reasons onboard , we avoid the use og glass and use nautical glass and acrylic dinnerware instead.

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No Alcohol

Espresso Cofee usd U$
Tea usd U$
Mineral Water usd U$
Soda cans usd U$

With alcohol

Patricia can beer usd U$
Stella Artois Beer usd U$
Johnnie Walker red label usd U$
Johnnie Walker black label usd U$
Johnnie Walker blue label usd U$
Caipiroska usd U$
Martini usd U$
Campari usd U$
Cocktails usd U$

Bottle price

Johnny Walker Red Label usd U$
Champagne Chandon Extra Brut usd U$


We offer you a cold buffet choice with variety of fine sandwiches, delicious cakes, varied minitortillas and delicious desserts with chocolate or strawberries. We can contact the caterer of your choice, or gladly serve food and beverages you provide us.

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Free drinks

Prices per person based on 3 hour program.


Mineral water, coffe and sodas


Mineral water, coffe, sodas and beer


Mineral water, coffe, sodas and caipiroskas.


Mineral water, coffe, sodas, beer and caipiroskas.


Mineral water, coffe, sodas, beer, caipiroskas and champagne for the toast.


Mineral water, coffe, sodas, beer, caipiroskas, champagne and wine for the toast.


Prices per person based on 3 hour program

Bay Buffet

  • Withe bread Ham and Cheese Sandwiches 
  • Variety of special fine sandwiches  
  • Ham, cheese and pineapple glazed pie
  • Vegetarian cake
  • Bacon and vegetable pie
  • Chocolate Navarro dessert or strawberry gateau dessert

Calypso Buffet 

  • Withe bread Ham and Cheese Sandwiches 
  • Variety of special fine sandwiches  
  • Ham, cheese and pineapple glazed pie
  • Vegetarian cake
  • Bacon and vegetable pie 
  • Variety of classic and veteraian minitortillas
  • Spring rolls.
  • Chocolate Navarro dessert or strawberry gateau dessert

Sushi Packs

Small pack

4 pieces per person

Big pack

8 pieces per person


Our point of sale

We are based in the port of Punta del Este, Rambla and 21st Street, Port Sector "D" Esplanade.

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